Paul and Jamie Keough from USA

In December of 2013, my wife and I were fortunate to finally purchase our home in the beautiful Kenmare area.   Since we wouldn’t be occupying the home fulltime for at least two years, we realized the need to have someone who we could trust to check on our home and also help us with the little issues that always seem to pop up with home ownership.  We had heard many wonderful things of Kerry House Management from friends and locals which led to our decision to enlist their services.

In the time since we have been thoroughly satisfied by their quality work.  Fiona has been a delight to deal with on a variety of issues.  Her extensive knowledge of local tradespeople has been not only beneficial, but crucial in having problems corrected quickly and efficiently.  Fiona has also been very helpful in ensuring the house was ready for a recent visit by friends during their holidays.

We are comforted to know that our home is being well cared for in our absence and highly recommend the exceptional services of Kerry House Management.

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